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Have you ever thought about taking some time out to work with orphaned and destitute children in the foothills of the Himalayas?

If you have, and you’ve been put off by the idea of paying an exorbitant fee to an unknown company or people you have never even met

THEN READ ON...........

Keen to Learn


The Humanitarian Concern Centre (HCC) together with its supporters from various parts of the world have set up a very special volunteering scheme.

Here in Kathmandu you will not only benefit from an amazing life experience, you will be able to personally place  your hard saved money directly in the hands of the people who will put it to the best possible use…the founders and the children of this organisation.

Two of the Older Children, Sudarsharn & Shristi

  Below are some points that will make your HCC experience just that little bit special.
Once you have investigated flight costs and decided on the length of your visit, your HCC contact will confirm with you the exact amount of your donation, you will then be able to put your budget together.
Your agreed donation to the orphanage will also include the following……….
  • Collection from the airport
  • Transportation to the orphanage
  • Your first chance to meet two of the older children who will be waiting for you.

The Founders, Indrakala and Buddhiman Pariyar

  On arrival at the orphanage you will receive a traditional Nepali welcome from all of the children and ”mother and father” Indrakala and Buddhiman Pariyar.
You will have your own room with access to a hot shower daily (please do not expect The Ritz, it will however be clean and in good order).
During your stay all food will be provided, this will be exactly the same as the children receive and will be prepared and cooked by Mother and whichever children are on the kitchen rota for the day.

A View of Kathmandu

  You will have plenty of free time during your stay, you can explore Kathmandu, visit some of the world heritage sites in the area, or maybe you’d like a trek, a bungy jump or even a flight alongside Mount Everest.
Sudarshan and Shristi with the help of our good friend Raj will be happy to organise something to suit the time you have and more importantly your budget.